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Welcome to MailDepo!

We are proud to be an integral part of the Travel Agent Community. MailDepo delivers quality travel information in a concise and easy to use, electronic format. From Email Delivery (email broadcasts), Virtual Seminars, to Specials, FAM Trips and RSS Feed advertising. All Email Addresses are Protected By SPF Records so you know its safe.

MailDepo Ltd. was originally founded to provide travel suppliers (tour operators, hotels, airlines, etc.) with the means to promote their products to the retail travel agent. We really understand what it means to compete in our industry. Each of our qualified staff members have been in the travel industry from 7 to 30 years. We are all dedicated to enhancing the marketing and recognition of your product through the evolution of our low cost broadcasting service and extensive database. Offering you the opportunity to reach over 50,000 travel agents in the US and Canada. Now, you can benefit from our inexpensive, very successful forms of e-marketing and present your product on the same level as the industry leaders!

For the Travel Agents, our aim is to provide readily accessible, current information from as many suppliers as possible. The more information you have, the better you can service your client. We've been listening to your comments, suggestions and needs and have found a way to provide you with the valuable communication that you are looking for.

MailDepo also offers Domain Names, if you need a website, you need a Domain Name.

We encourage everyone in the travel industry to complete our Travel Agent Registration Profile which will enable you to receive valuable, money making tourism information. Tour Operators and Travel Supplies can also Register via the same area.

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